About Us

Team Boom Tape formed in June 2006 at MillionManLan 5 during the annual Duct Tape Wars competition. TBT's inverted cone egg drop device gracefully floated in for the win at that competition and the Boom Tape legacy was born.

TBT again competed in Duct Tape Wars at LanWar 33 and once again floated to victory with our poker chip barge.

For MML6 we wanted to show up with something special as we go for the Duct Tape Wars 3-peat. From there the idea for Duct Tape Server was born. (TBT went on to tie for the win at the MML6 Duct Tape Wars).

We made a second server, DTS II, for MillionManLan 7 in 2008 and reused that case (with a few internal upgrades) as DTS 2.5 at MML 8 in 2009.